Caltech Gravitational Wave Astrophysics School 2015, July 6-10, 2015

CGWAS 2015 is a summer school aimed at junior graduate and senior undergraduate students of physics and astronomy who are interested in learning more about the exciting new field of gravitational wave astrophysics in the age of advanced gravitational-wave detectors and pulsar timing arrays.

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CGWAS Program

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CGWAS 2015 Details

Topics and Lecturers

  • GR/GW primer (Sean Carroll)
  • GW Phenomenology Overview and Detectors (Alan Weinstein)
  • Pulsar Timing Arrays (Chiara Mingarelli)
  • Binary Source Modeling (Patricia Schmidt)
  • Numerical Relativity (Mark Scheel)
  • EM follow-up & Transient Astronomy (Alessandra Corsi)
  • Theory of EM Counterparts (Brian Metzger)
  • Core-Collapse Supernovae (Evan O'Connor)
  • Neutrinos and Neutrino Detection (Erin O'Sullivan)
  • Binary Neutron Stars (Jocelyn Read)
  • Burst Data Analysis (Jessica McIver)
  • Binary Coalescence Data Analysis (Duncan Brown)
  • Continuous Wave Sources and Data Analysis (Ben Owen)
  • Astrophysical Source Populations (Samaya Nissanke)
  • GWs & Alternative Theories of Gravity (Yanbei Chen)
  • Cosmology with Gravitational Waves (Michele Vallisneri)

Scientific Organzing Committee

Mansi Kasliwal, Chiara Mingarelli, Christian Ott (CGWAS Principal), Patricia Schmidt (CGWAS Coordinator), Alan Weinstein

Logistics and Support

JoAnn Boyd, Roland Haas, Chris Mach, Philipp Mösta, Christian Ott, Patricia Schmidt (CGWAS Coordinator)

CGWAS is supported by the National Science Foundation under CAREER award PHY-1151197, by the Sherman Fairchild Foundation, by LIGO Laboratory at Caltech, and by Caltech.